A Patient's Story: Kendra 

Kendra was only 26 years-old when she found a lump in her breast during a self-breast exam. She had just aged out of being insured through her parents health care coverage and could not afford health insurance on her own. Not knowing what exactly to do, Kendra went to Planned Parenthood in search of answers. Planned Parenthood did not believe that Kendra had a lump and advised her to get an ultrasound. The problem with this was that in order to get an ultrasound, one needs a script, as well as, a way to pay for it. Kendra searched and searched for somewhere that provided ultrasounds for a low cost. No matter where she looked, she could not find somewhere to get this lump checked that would not put her in debt. After she and her boyfriend (now Fiancé, congrats!) spent weeks searching the internet and doing research about treatments, Kendra’s boyfriend came across the BCCCP. 

On the BCCCP website, there is an age restriction. It is well known that the BCCCP serves mainly women between the ages of 50 and 64. What is not well known is that we try to help women who are in dire need of breast and cervical screenings, regardless of their age, and we will find a way to help. Kendra disregarded her apprehensions about being too young and called anyway. She took the chance and it paid off! 

Her phone call to the BCCCP led her to an appointment at Karmanos where she got her physical and ultrasound. Within a week of that appointment, she was diagnosed with stage 3 triple negative breast cancer, on the right side. After confirmation  of her diagnosis, she was fitted with a port in order to begin chemo treatments. 

When Kendra called the BCCCP, she was very scared and nervous. Not having  any luck with finding assistance  that was affordable, she was hopeful that the BCCCP could help. During her journey, she felt like the BCCCP was family. The BCCCP would call and check in with Kendra periodically to make sure everything was going smoothly. Within a short time of her diagnosis, the BCCCP explained the Medicaid process to Kendra and got her insured.

In order to get insured under Medicaid, Kendra needed a diagnosis. Her road block was that Planned Parenthood would not give her one and Kendra could not afford the expensive ultrasound test needed to diagnose her. That’s where the BCCCP helped the most. The BCCCP got Kendra to Karmanos and diagnosed within a week. Having the diagnosis, Kendra was able to enroll in Medicaid with BCCCP’s assistance. 

Kendra is still not through with her journey in the fight against cancer. She is beginning a round of radiation this month. The BCCCP still works with her to make sure that she has what she needs on her journey to becoming a survivor. The BCCCP has been a life saver for Kendra. Had she waited any longer to call, her cancer may have progressed to stage 4. By taking the chance to call the BCCCP, despite the age restriction, Kendra saved her life. 

A Patient's Story: Margaret

Margaret always had a good job and the health insurance that came along with having a good job. Then later in life, things changed and Margaret no longer had a good job or health insurance. She decided to put her health insurance coverage off until she aged into Medicare. However, long before she was Medicare eligible, Margaret found a lump in her breast during a routine self breast exam. She was concerned. She had no health insurance, who would see her? How would she pay? One of Margarets' friends told her about the BCCCP and told Margaret to call us to see if we could help. 

Margaret gave us a call and had a scheduled appointment within a week. The service she received was quick and effective. Everyone at the BCCCP treated her with kindness and understanding. After finding the lump, Margaret was a complete mess. Thanks to the guidance from the BCCCP, she was able to pull herself together and begin the fight for her life. Without The BCCCP and it’s resources, Margaret said she would not be here today. She could have been a victim of cancer or ended up homeless due to the financial burden of the cancer. Margaret is one of many BCCCP patients who was happy to share her story. She hopes that through sharing her story, other women will use BCCCP as a resource to get breast and cervical screenings. 

BCCCP Staff Introductions: Shiela Summers 

We would like to introduce you to our Administrative Assistant, Shiela Summers! Her job in the office is to oversee daily operations, which includes corresponding with providers and assisting staff with their needs. When staff has general questions or needs supplies, they let Shiela know. She works diligently to accommodate them. Shiela believes that if she can help everyone in the office work more efficiently, this enables us to better serve our women. Her favorite part of working with the BCCCP is how amazing it is that all of the staff members have a real passion for what they are doing. She says she loves how the BCCCP team doesn't just work to have a job; they work because they really want to help those in need. 

 When asked about her favorite sports team, Shiela said, “the Detroit Tigers, of course!” And her favorite spot in the Tri-County area is Vicki’s Barbecue and Shrimp in Detroit. Shiela highly recommends this restaurant. She says, “It’s the best BBQ in town!” 

 Some words of wisdom from Shiela, “A great passion in life is lending a helping hand to your fellow man”. 

 Keep an eye on our page for more staff introductions to come! 


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